Graphic designer e Onwner di 63DE-SIGN

graphic designer


Cristina is an optimistic spark;

she is the research of when/where and how right from the beginning and up to the last moment,for every idea, action and event.

She is unstoppable, insatiable and demanding; she possesses an implosive and explosive contageous inquisitiveness.

If there is the will to do it,she will find a way to accomplish it.


Ask Cristina  thoughts.

Art Director e Onwner di 63DE-SIGN

art director


Roberto writes through images and solves problems in 2 or 3D... just how many are needed.

His style is the content, with special effects and some amazing graphics.

What would have been expressed differently, now it’s conveyed into other words and explained through other languages.


Ask Roberto art.



Direttore Creativo e Copywriter per 63DE-SIGN

copywriter / idealist


Paolo is a story of communication itself. 10 years at Radio Popolare, first as a copywriter then creative director

for both international and ultra Italian agencies, communication consultant for Elio e le Storie Tese or Patty Pravo.

Already half Spanish, or in other words “espaliano”.

He is the only Italian advertiser to have inspired a song, “Paolo Rumi” by Momus.

He has worked for everything or almost everything:

diamonds, acne creme, weekly religious journals, tampons, yachts, French tourism, funeral homes.


He worked on a radio campaign for Suzuki, “Una Giapponese a Roma, that sold cars through transmission alone.


Ask Paolo words to say it.


Art Directo Junior per 63DE-SIGN

art director junior



Josie is 100% American, but is discovering her Sicilian origins,

so in a year she will be almost 100% Italian.


Already Madonna and Lady Gaga demonstrate that they can rediscover their own origins,

in these cases with a certain success.

If then we speak of millennials she is the perfect representation:

she knows how to do many things when it comes to creativity with precision and meticulousness

that makes one suspect Swiss origins.


She reminds us of a maniacal director of painting figurines, the micro statues for the diagrams

for the published announcements with low cost but high-impact for NextFoodAward.


Ask Josy millimeter accuracy/precision.


#BEHANCE: Josie Ingoglia


Illustrator per 63DE-SIGN



Lele has hands that fly, a head that follows and vice versa.

It is a pleaser to work with him because the difference in age creates a mutual inspiration

and the difference in ideas transforms into opportunity.

Alessandrino DOP but with insatiable curiosity, he wants to visit all 20 regions

of Italy and we-know-not how many more places in the world.


He is just now able to discover a little by train, plane and hitchhiking, and a little bit with the computer.


So he makes interesting discoveries like the diffusion of barbecues in Abruzzo.


Ask Lele fantasy.


#BEHANCE: lele gastini


Product Manager per 63DE-SIGN

project manager


Paola is capable of many things. For instance, how to produce wonderfully aromatized herbal water.

She has got the right balance and she is a little bit magical.

While interacting with her, it will be possible to discover her own measure, which alternates continuous motion,

up to meditation,challenging the physical laws.

If she says “no” sometimes,she could have her own reasons:she knows about risks while operating and planning.


Ask Paola some method.



25 years  to develop Export and Trade Marketing experiences in the luxury and consumer goods

(cosmetics and beverage). What else?

A passion in working on International projects - especially in the travel retail/duty free segment -

and see them succeed.


Ask Manuela export specialist.

Event per 63DE-SIGN



What is it that coincide or not coincide?

Can the problem become an opportunity? From which point of view it’s better to see things?

Mara’s preparation with  public utilities projects permits to face an exchange between institutional and corporal realities with the right approach.

She will always find a way with mutual satisfaction.


Ask Mara effectiveness.



Being an artistic trend, we’ d choose a definition like this. With just a simple glitch:

we never ever stop.


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