copywriter / idealist


Paolo is a story of communication itself. 10 years at Radio Popolare, first as a copywriter then creative director

for both international and ultra Italian agencies, communication consultant for Elio e le Storie Tese or Patty Pravo.

Already half Spanish, or in other words “espaliano”.

He is the only Italian advertiser to have inspired a song, “Paolo Rumi” by Momus.

He has worked for everything or almost everything:

diamonds, acne creme, weekly religious journals, tampons, yachts, French tourism, funeral homes.


He worked on a radio campaign for Suzuki, “Una Giapponese a Roma, that sold cars through transmission alone.


Ask Paolo words to say it.


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Being an artistic trend, we’ d choose a definition like this. With just a simple glitch:

we never ever stop.


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