project manager


Paola is capable of many things. For instance, how to produce wonderfully aromatized herbal water.

She has got the right balance and she is a little bit magical.

While interacting with her, it will be possible to discover her own measure, which alternates continuous motion,

up to meditation,challenging the physical laws.

If she says “no” sometimes,she could have her own reasons:she knows about risks while operating and planning.


Ask Paola some method.

Legal office v. Andrea Verrocchio 40 - 20129 Milan - Italy p.iva 0824060964



Being an artistic trend, we’ d choose a definition like this. With just a simple glitch:

we never ever stop.


v. Monte Nevoso 6

20131 Milan - Italy


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p.iva 08240640964

sede legale:

v. Andrea Verrocchio 40

20129 Milan - Italy


p.iva 08240640964